Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roni and Brett

She's my seesta! And she's getting hitched! I guess because I'm related I tried to do more candid shots instead of the normal engagements. I especially love the last one of them in the diner and think that's what they should use for their invites - but I don't really have a say! Enjoy!











James Yvonne and Elise said...

I love them all!!! They are the cutest couple and I am so happy for them.

Ron said...

LOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE Them.. Thank you sister

Heather said...

LOVE these! The couch one is so cute!! ...and the diner one! You do such a great job! Us Olson girls sure love ya!

Tiffany said...

wow, she is your twin! These are so cute!

Lesa said...

OMGOSH!!! Beautiful. The shopping cart one is sooooo Roni! Love 'em.

Kalli Ko said...

look at the beautiful barker girls!!

yiiikes they're so great! and I want to talk to your sister about giving me her clothes. except I wouldn't fit in them.

plan b, lose excessive amounts of weight.

Nicole said...

maggi- i love these... good job

V and Co. said...

okay i just started crying...granted i'm flowing but RONI'S GETTING MARRIED!!! WHOOOT! congratulations!
maggi those pictures are amazing! next time we come up i want to take pictures by that big orangey thing (is that by the townhouses?) love and miss you! oh and btw your picture you took for my profile is going to be on the back of all the "moda" fabric company's brochures! you are amazing.

Cory and Jolynne said...

I love the couch one, but really I love them all! Roni, I want your shirt! You look so pretty!

Evie B. said...

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!??!? I am the absolute worst friend ever. No idea she was getting married! Someone call me, please!!!!!!

So cute, btw

aclark said...

My Ron is beautiful....Brett's not bad either. Good work Photog! You are the best and I tell everyone!

Mands Glenn said...

I love them. All of them are so gorgeous! You are so talented! I remember when you did our engagements and how fun it was. We still have them hanging on our walls.

Spread goodness. said...

What the heck! Roni is getting married!!! I lost Roni's number so long ago. Can you send it to me so I can call her??? cathdurf11@yahoo.com