Thursday, April 2, 2009


Michelle Gibb
Nicole Barker
Roni Barker

Amy Taylor

Alicia Quackenbush

Vanessa Christensen

Brett Cummings

Sandra Baker

Roni and Brett - they really like red shoes

Emily Smith



So I had a super fun time doing this. It sparked some of my creative energies (which was what I was looking to do) and I found myself looking for red everywhere. It's funny because it's because the first of spring is kind of dreary and brown everywhere and colors like red really pop. I started enjoying seeing a brown field with a red barn or trailor. I love the pictures that were sent and if anyone wants to send one, it's not too late. Just email me your picture!!!

The next month's challenge is "My Town." What represents your town you live in, grew up in, visited, etc...


Ron said...

I am excited for the next subject.. I think this a really fun and good idea.. Of course I already told you this... But anyways..

James Yvonne and Elise said...

I love all the red. I am going to participate this month. Of course Brett had to put in his Utah somewhere :) Love the red shoes on Roni and Brett.

Amy said...

I will put more thought into my next picture I promise