Monday, October 20, 2008

R Family

A lot of people have asked me what they should wear for their photos. I'll be posting more, but the last few shoots that I've posted have all been really cute and are good ideas. This shoot was at the Tracy Aviary. It worked out so perfect and I love the green and orange. Especially since we had the green buildings to go by!


Lydia said...

Maggi, I have been blogstalking you for quite a while now. I just have to tell you, you are amazing. It always makes me smile to see your photos and see your awesomeness shining through. That's right I said awesomeness. I have seen so many people that take pictures and call themselves photographers, and I guess by some standard they are. But, your personality and warm comes through all of your pictures. I think that is why they are good.

Rach said...


I just got our disk and I LOVE LOVE LOVE....our family pics! Thank you so very much for meeting with us! It was such a great day. And the memories are priceless.

I can't wait to do it again, and that's saying ALOT considering that I HATE!...getting my picture taken. Thanks again so much! You are AMAZING!