Friday, September 5, 2008


This family has been through more then their fare share of trials this year. Gracie was born with a heart condition and is quite the little miracle. You can follow her brave story at Seriously I have had so many spiritual experiences just by reading their blog. They are awesome. When Michelle called me to take pictures I was so nervous because I know how important they are to them. Gracie was a little fussy because she likes to be on her back and so we did a lot with her that way. I really am excited with how they turned out. Gracie even smiled for us (after her chapstick of course). You can just tell how much love this family has for one another and I was honored to shoot for them.


susan said...

You did a fabulous job of this beautiful family.

Shantel said...

OMG I saw these pictures in her blog and they are just so cute! You did a great job! I hope that Gracie gets well soon!